Being able to teach and use online programs in teaching is becoming more and more popular. My 7 year old has a blog set up as a project in her grade 2 class. So when my daughter enters the stages of adult education it is going to be a whole new world. I still remember going to the library in high school to use the encyclopedias to do my research.

As an educator I find it is so important to remain current with the different ways of teaching online. Since I already am involved in online learning I am going to see a lot of change. I remember many years back to be able to interact with student on line was difficult but now with skype, moodle and other methods it is becoming easier to interact. However, because technology is constantly changing I am finding that as an online educator you have to keep yourself current and you have to keep learning rapidly. Already, my teaching method has moved from in classroom teaching to most of my courses being taught on line. I will have to keep learning how to use the technology so I can be an effective instructor.

I find that technology can at times be difficult to learn but once learned it sticks with me. I can see where eventually my online class can have large amounts of students attending


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