Aha. My first blog site ever how exciting!

I am a Licensed Refracting Optician – an eyecare professional. I have a career that really is a hobby for me. I love what I do. Currently, I teach the Dispensing Optician Program at Stenberg College and when I am not there I am working on the movie sets fitting various characters in popular movies and TV shows.

I recently have returned to teaching after seven years of taking a break and pursuing other interests in the industry. I have been involved in leadership roles in many aspects of the industry and have owned my own retail optical shops. I have taught some of the finest Opticians we have today; I am truly excited to return to the role of an instructor for the Dispensing Optician Program.

I think it is important to find ways to improve ourselves thus, me taking this program. I just don’t want to go in and lecture I want to engage the learner. It is important to me that each student that completes my course walks away with knowledge and an experience that will remain with them for a lifetime.

During my free time you will find me still entangled with lenses and frames, not as an Optician but instead as a photographer working with camera lenses and picture frames. If I am not taking pictures you will find me cooking in my kitchen. I love different cuisines from around the world